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Housekeeping and Changes

There are only a couple of weeks left of summer, and it feels like I have crawled under a rock for the past several months.  Since when did it become August, and mid-August at that? The world continues spinning whether … Continue reading

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Protected by the Prince

Well, another busy month has come and gone.  The large antiquarian book fair in Lansing happened today, and I’m exhausted! Recently I read something way out of my collecting scope, a cheap contemporary Harlequin Presents novel.  This one was Protected … Continue reading

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And February? And my trip to Ithaca? And what about bookstores?

Yep, the January post lied.  Sorry about that!  The “week” until the next post was more of a goal than a reality.  February is all but gone, my trip to Ithaca was canceled, and if I believe everything I read … Continue reading

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Where Did January Go?

No, I haven’t abandoned this blog.  But yes, I have been insanely busy.  Classes started the first week of January and on top of that, I’m doing an internship this winter.  My apartment continues to be overheated beyond my control, … Continue reading

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Awkward First Post

Here starts my blog.  Hopefully I won’t forget my password next week and then be horrified to see this still lingering around the Internet five years later.  On a related note, does anyone know how to delete an archaic Myspace account? … Continue reading

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