Triplicate Cover Art – and an Announcement!

IMG_0668 (1)

Sometimes when I buy a book, I have already seen a picture of it and know what I’m getting.  Other times, if the book is described as being in very good condition or better, I’ll buy it “blind” and hope for a great surprise when it arrives.  When I bought Glittering Girl, it was the first time I had ever seen the American edition in dust jacket available for sale and I bought it “blind” hoping for a really unique cover.  That didn’t happen.

And so, I present, not duplicate covers, but triplicate covers.  Better yet, two of these books are written by May Christie.  She wrote a different book only to land the same cover art she had half a dozen years previously.  Love’s Ecstasy was published in 1928, and Glittering Girl was published in 1934, the same year as this edition of Emilie Loring’s With Banners.  Three books, same Skrenda cover art girl.

Next, I have an exciting announcement to make:  tomorrow, Saturday, August 11th, I will be a guest on Rare Book Cafe’s Facebook livestream.  Rare Book Cafe starts at 2:30 EST and lasts for about an hour, and will be available on replay after that.  We’ll be talking anything and everything about 1920s-1930s romance novels as well as book collecting in general.  It should be a fun show, and I hope some blog readers will be able to tune in!

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2 Responses to Triplicate Cover Art – and an Announcement!

  1. Michael Manz says:

    Looking forward to watching! Good luck!

  2. Linda Hubbard says:

    Great job on Rare Book Cafe, Jess. Loved how you wowed 3 guys with your research angle, not to mention your obvious knowledge and enthusiasm. Honey and Wax made a great choice for their initial winner!

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