Leap Day 2016

Leap Year

Happy Leap Day 2016!  On our last Leap Day, four years ago today, I posted on Laura Lou Brookman’s Leap Year Bride. 

For this year, all I had to do was find another Leap Year themed romance novel.  Within my collecting scope, I know about two definite titles that would have been PERFECT for this post.  I knew about them back around 2012 too and figured I had four whole years to track these titles down, no problem.  As of February 29, 2016, I haven’t been able to find a collectible copy of either title.  Honestly, I knew I had a small Leap Day problem by the end of 2015.

It’s okay, these things happen.  Part of the fun/charm/craziness of collecting rare books is that it doesn’t always work out as I had hoped.  Instead, I’m posting two Leap Year postcards, the left undated and the right from 1908.  Enjoy!

Better luck next time, Leap Day 2020.

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