Recycled Cover Art, Round Four!

Identical Cover Art by Mach TeyThe good news is that I have a working draft of an upcoming book review for a really neat book.  The bad news is that said draft is in dire need of serious editing, and in a few hours the entire first quarter of 2014 will have gone by without a post unless I act quickly!  And so, I hastily and happily present my favorite type of stand-by post:  recycled cover art!

Round four of identical cover art consists of A Kiss for Corinna by May Christie, published in 1930, and Darling Fool by Mabel McElliott, published in 1933.  This is the first set of Mach Tey twins on this site, and although these gals may be unique for their purple hair, I’m sure more Mach Tey duplicates will be featured at some point in the future.

Babylon Revisited Rare BooksFind dust jackets with Mach Tey cover art available for purchase here.

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