The Snappy Revue for Fall and Winter

Stetson's Boot ShopWhile I continue to work on my next book review, I thought I could share this fun shoe catalog from 1926.  It is from the Stetson Shoe Company’s store in Cleveland, Ohio, and covers their fall line.

The Football GirlsFirst up, we have “The Football Girls” wearing the “Miss Jerpi” shoe.  There is a darker variation of the “Miss Jerpi” a few pages along, and we are promised it is the ideal shoe for autumn wear.  I have never been to a collegiate football game, but I somehow doubt that these snazzy shoes regularly make appearances at college stadiums.

The Halloween GirlsNext are “The Halloween Girls” featuring the “Miss Melba” shoe.  The “Miss Melba” is the most popular model of “Snappy Ties” with two eyelets and a handful of color variations.  It should also be noted that the fabulous illustrations paired with each shoe show only the upper half of these fashionable women, and the shoes aren’t really a big part of it.

Unfortunately, this catalog skips Thanksgiving, but thankfully predates any mention of Black Friday.  In place of a fashionable shoe picture, I will instead link to the recipe for my Grandma Grace’s Sweet Potatoes, a family favorite.

The Christmas GirlsReturning to the shoe/holiday theme, “The Christmas Girls” have many Stetson shoe boxes under their Christmas tree.  Pictured opposite is the “Miss Charlotte” but these shoes are beginning to all look alike to me by now.

The New Year's GirlsFinally, we have “The New Year’s Girls” but no featured shoe.  Their “Good Resolution for 1927” is “Wear Snappy Ties.”  Based on the 1927 catalog, I can say that more varieties are featured in the New Year.

My takeaways from this shoe catalog are that the illustrations are fabulous, but I wish they wouldn’t refer to the women depicted as “girls.”  The shoes are cute, although a tad repetitive, and are still being imitated today in the footwear trend drawing from the early decades of the twentieth century.  I could easily see myself buying a pair of “Snappy Ties.”

Babylon Revisited Rare BooksFind many more great vintage fashion illustrations from the Jazz Age and Depression Era here.

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5 Responses to The Snappy Revue for Fall and Winter

  1. Graham Hukill says:

    I love old catalogs like this. We have an old Herman Miller furniture catalog from the 50’s, very cool. Great post, as per always.

  2. Sheila Hooker says:

    Can’t have too many pairs of shoes! I agree, I would wear any of these right now.

  3. Michael says:

    I should do a catalogue of vintage brochures and sales catalogs one of these days. They’re pretty fab.

  4. Jane Kahan says:

    Wow, Michael Manz, please do! I would love to see that! Sincerely, Jessica’s Mom Jane

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