An Exciting Discovery

Look what I found!

Honestly, I had planned for my next blog post to be a “book review” entry.  However, in the initial drafting stages of that post, something happened.  For whatever reason, I started looking through other books by the author I’m writing about, when something pink caught my eye.

I found a contemporary advertising card inside a classic 1920s Grosset and Dunlap book, tucked in-between the pages!  I love finding papers and such tucked away inside books!  Part of what makes this discovery surprising (for me) is that this book isn’t a recent addition to my collection.  In fact, this book is the first book I ever ordered from Babylon Revisited Rare Books.  The thing is, I inspect my books pretty thoroughly the moment they arrive and I did a considerable amount of descriptive bibliographic work on my collection this spring.  I haven’t read this book yet, but I had looked through it many times before, only to discover something different tonight!

This paper lists the romance novels Grosset and Dunlap was publishing at the time.  It’s somewhat similar to the panels on the back of the dust jackets, but more complete – and pink!  Listed are Winifred Van Duzer, Vida Hurst, Elenore Meherin, Beatrice Burton, Ruby Ayres, Temple Bailey, and many other authors I’ve either covered on this blog or intend to cover on this blog sometime.

The paragraph at the top of the card reads:

“How easy it is to pass from the hum-drum world of Every-day to the Land of Dreams-come-true.  To every woman and every girl this list of fascinating romances opens the door to hours of enjoyment and pleasant day-dreams.  They are all complete novels written by well known authors, and they may be obtained wherever books are sold for -”

Wow.  Consider my night made!

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6 Responses to An Exciting Discovery

  1. Nancy Medbery says:

    Wow, an exciting discovery for girls and women everywhere, and especially for you.

  2. Jane Kahan says:

    So cool! Love the pencil marks! Love, Mom

  3. ponderpig says:

    I want to read “The Flapper Wife!”

  4. Oliver says:

    What a nice find! 🙂

  5. Michael says:

    I love finding things in books, my favorite was an ad for a Macaulay published book by Rudolf Fisher. If you want a scan of a different G&D ad I found recently let me know.

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