Recycled Cover Art, Round Three!

Identical Cover Art by SkrendaOne of the things I search for in potential books to add to my collection is an unusual title.  Some titles turn into terrible puns such as “I was sniped and lost The Husband Campaign on ebay” or “Good Times never arrived,” 0r “I bought Make-Up.”  That last pun has a tendency to baffle anyone who knows my stance on actual make-up.  However, some titles are just plain silly, and I’m always looking out for them.  One of those titles I just had to find was Short Skirts by Rob Eden.

I had been looking for Short Skirts on and off for more than a year when I finally located a copy.  Imagine my surprise when the cover was identical to a book I had purchased more than six months previously!  So with the addition of Short Skirts to my collection, I present round three of identical Skrenda dust jacket art:  Short Skirts by Rob Eden, published in 1930, and Life Is Like That by Kaye Holden, published in 1933.

Side by side, it is clear which book is in better condition.  Oh well.  The classic re-used Skrenda girl shines through.  So far, all three “rounds” of matching dust jacket have been Skrenda girls, but I do know of a couple of “sets” featuring non-Skrenda cover art.  Maybe next time?

On an unrelated note, my full National Collegiate Book Collecting Contest entry is now posted!  It’s at the bottom of the post on that subject, attached as a Word Doc.

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3 Responses to Recycled Cover Art, Round Three!

  1. Oliver says:


    I’ve just read your Book Collecting Contest entry, very interesting & well written. I hope you win!

    I looked at your wishlist and only last week I bought & have received a copy of Elinor Glyn’s 1927 novel “It”. It was quite expensive and is an American Macaulay 1st Edition but I’m so chuffed with it and its in great condition. The dust jacket has a Louise Brook flapper-type woman on the front languishing on a settee with a stern looking gentlemen stood behind her. Its a fairly garish dust jacket with a lot of pink and does resemble a tacky Barbara Cartland novel (its my favourite dust jacket to be honest) but it has a photo of Elinor Glyn on the back which I like.

    I’m looking forward to reading such a rare book….took me ages to hunt it down. I will try and post a photo of it if I can.

    Good luck with the contest,


    • Oliver says:

      I’ve just realised an error in message….I meant to write (its NOT my favourite dust jacket to be honest)

    • Thanks! My NCBCC entry placed second nationally.

      Congrats on obtaining a first edition of Glyn’s “It.” The only copies I know of have price points higher than I can pay for a single title, so it remains on my wish list. I guess I’m just hoping for the very highly unlikely event of locating a $17 copy in a remote antique mall somewhere, although I’m certainly not counting on that happening ever.

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