Housekeeping and Changes

There are only a couple of weeks left of summer, and it feels like I have crawled under a rock for the past several months.  Since when did it become August, and mid-August at that?

The world continues spinning whether I like it or not, and to that end, I have a couple of announcements to make.

I am moving this week, hence the 1910s change of address card pictured, found on Etsy by  my mom.  My current lease is expiring, and I’m staying in Ann Arbor to remain close to my part-time jobs while I continue my national search for full-time employment.  I’ll be moving across town to a quieter location, and am looking forward to the new apartment.  One of this week’s challenges is how to pack a bunch of rare books securely for the move, given that it’s a local move and there is currently a ten percent chance of rain on moving day.

My next set of announcements concern this blog!  In the upcoming weeks and throughout this fall, I’m hoping to make a couple of changes to thegoodbadbook.  The first change is that I finally figured out how to set the blog’s time stamps to E.S.T.

Next up is the blog banner picture.  My original picture is a representation of my collection in December 2010.  My collection has evolved a lot since that point!

The third change I’m really thrilled to announce:  thegoodbadbook will be advertising for Yesterday’s Gallery and Babylon Revisited Rare Books!  I’ve mentioned Babylon Revisited Rare Books before, as they are the go-to source for pre-World War Two fiction in dust jacket.  The sidebar image link to their homepage should work by the time this post is published (go on, click it!), and each of my novel posts will include a relevant link.  I’m especially excited about these post-relevant links, as they’ll connect the books discussed with copies available for purchase, as well as works from the same author, or similar genre fiction.

More changes are in the works, etc. etc.  It is also my goal to publish my mom’s birthday post before her next birthday.  Stayed tuned and thanks for reading!

And now, a tribute to the old banner, the un-cropped version:

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4 Responses to Housekeeping and Changes

  1. Nancy Medbery says:

    I recommend wrapping each book in clean unused newsprint or a towel and transporting them in the back seat of your car. You know how important and fragile they are, so you need to be the one to pack them in boxes and carry them to your next home. Wish I was available to lend a hand.
    Thrilled about your new changes and especially your connection with vintage book sites.
    Well done!

    • Joyce K. says:

      I really like the new blog banner and link. Good luck with the move. Very Lantern lane like change in address card.

  2. Michael says:

    I like the new look! When moving, and if its raining, you might put the whole box of books in a giant trash bag (or cover it with a towel) I’ve done this when moving book boxes in the rain and seems to work great. I’m also very please to see my very first ad up on a website! Thanks Jess, it looks great! Good luck with your move and new and improved blog. -Mike ps: I also have a shelf of Harry Potter books in my collection (the un-cropped version).

    • Thanks! My dad and I packed the collection before I saw this comment, which is funny because we had the same garbage bag idea but in reverse – we lined all the book boxes with garbage bags. It was cloudy during the move, but no rain! Best part is, I’m getting an ADDITIONAL BOOKCASE as a housewarming present!

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