Recycled Cover Art, Round Two!

Identical Cover Art by SkrendaWhy design new cover art during a Great Depression when one can simply recycle?  My favorite middlebrow mid-century publisher seems to have used this technique often.  I will now emulate this virtuous notion of hasty production by writing a blog post which doesn’t necessitate 200-300 pages of reading.  Time is money, people!

In the set pictured above, the green dust jacket to the left is the original.  Love’s Ecstasy by May Christie was first published in 1928.  The Skrenda art work was then re-used for the 1934 second printing of With Banners by Emilie Loring.  Even the skyscrapers along the spine are identical, although not visible in the above picture.  With Banners was originally published by Penn, although G and D frequently reprinted Loring’s work as copyright fiction.

With Banners actually has three cover designs that I know of:  this one, the Penn original, and a later G and D production.  So a new design was eventually commissioned, but not before the recycled Skrenda gal made her re-appearance.

Hopefully another vintage read will be making its way to thegoodbadbook shortly.  In addition to everything else, I seem to have drifted onto the Hunger Games bandwagon.  These things happen sometimes.

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3 Responses to Recycled Cover Art, Round Two!

  1. Cal in California says:

    Cool post, TGBB. Topps baseball cards does the same thing with their cards sometimes. Check out Tony Pena’s 2002, 2003 & 2004 cards; it’s the same photograph.

  2. Nancy Medbery says:

    Okay, I’ll come right out and say it. It Love’s Ecstasy is showing this woman having a good time,
    I am very surprised. No wonder why this gal jumped ship, or cover. She doesn’t look too
    thrilled in either case. I am amused by the bland cover doing double and triple duty but appreciate that you managed to track her ecstasy from one decade to the next. No wonder why you switched to the Hunger Games. At least it has some fashion complications not to mention life and death
    situations. Consider it popcorn and enjoy.

  3. Michael says:

    I wonder if there’s a third title out there somewhere with this artwork. Something to keep an eye out for. Look forward to the next post.

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