Heart Throbs

with Clara BowIn the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I present the super-scholarly Heart Throbs magazine.  This is the issue from March 13, 1928, but has a very February feel to it.  My guess is this issue hit the newsstand around Valentine’s Day in 1928.

Adorning the cover is Clara Bow, a.k.a The It Girl.  She was a huge star of the silent era, and everyone should see at least one silent film starring her.  She alone makes this magazine worthwhile.

Unfortunately, Clara is about all I can see in this magazine.  Purchased from a bargain bin at a pulp and paperback show, Heart Throbs is in really rough shape.  It currently lives in a magazine bag on my bookshelf, and more or less disintegrates to the touch.  Published over eighty years ago, Heart Throbs was not supposed to be a masterpiece for the ages.  The cheap pulp paper is just too brittle.

Well, that’s about as much Valentine’s cheer as I can muster this year.  Truthfully, I wasn’t expecting anything this Valentine’s Day, so my expectations have already been exceeded.  I’ve been sent two vintage Valentines AND a care package full of candy.  To my Valentine senders, thank you.  This post is for you guys.  ❤

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3 Responses to Heart Throbs

  1. Arlynn says:

    The cover of the magazine is a hoot! Happy Valentine’s Day Jess.

  2. Cal in California says:

    Short but sweet post. I love that it’s dedicated to “the guys.”

  3. Michael says:

    Keep on postin’.

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