Recycled Cover Art!

Stolen Love and Unknown Blond

I’m seeing double!  One of the cool oddities of the book world is reusable cover art.  I always imagine a group of guys at a publishing house sitting around a large meeting table saying, “Well, we could spend money to commission an artist to create unique cover art for this book OR…”

The set pictured above is Stolen Love by Hazel Livingston and Unknown Blond by Laura Lou Brookman.  Stolen Love was published in 1929, five years before Unknown Blond was published in 1934.

I’m not sure how many duplicate covers like this there are out there for Grosset and Dunlap romances.  I know of two more sets like this, but if there is a resource listing all the re-used cover art for anything besides vintage paperbacks, then I have yet to find it.

A copy of these books with matching dust jackets are available for purchase.  Find Stolen Love here and Unknown Blond here.

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One Response to Recycled Cover Art!

  1. Grubby Glove says:

    I never knew about this before reading your short but very interesting post. As I look at the two images it seems to me that the woman on the left could pass for a red head.

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