Protected by the Prince

Well, another busy month has come and gone.  The large antiquarian book fair in Lansing happened today, and I’m exhausted!

Recently I read something way out of my collecting scope, a cheap contemporary Harlequin Presents novel.  This one was Protected by the Prince by Annie West, and with a Borders coupon it cost less than four dollars.

I had ample motivation to read this fine work of literature due to a contest on a blog called ArchivesNext.  Well, it turns out I won one of the categories!  The results are in and my full entry is available to read here:

If you feel that you may be weirded out by such a book and such writings about said book, feel free to ignore this post and save your judgment.  To the rest of you, I dare you to read it!

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2 Responses to Protected by the Prince

  1. Val says:

    You go girl! I feel like i got a glimpse of the “real” Jess! Thanks for the smile this morning.

  2. Arlynn says:

    What a hoot! Congratulations on your win and thanks for sharing!

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